Applications for Android and Windows

Android phone and tablet app development

For now 2 android apps are in Google Play. PasswordSafe and Silence.
PasswordSafe is at small app to keep your passwords encrypted on Your device.
Silence is a widget to easily mute og set your device to vibrate.

In the near future more apps will be released to the Google Play. The Android apps er found in the Android section

For Android games, check out SilverStar Games.

Application development for Windows

R-Tree Gold is at tool mainly for IT-Professionals to connect to remote servers. The Application is build on MS Remote Desktop Connection, and gives the user additional connection options. E.g the ability to choose an arbitraty screen resolusion, and Keep track on multiple connection in a tree structure. Typically Your would have multiple Server connections to the same customer in one branch, and therefore it is easier the change password for all connections in that branch at once. R-Tree Gold is found in the Windows section

Filecrypt is at tool to encrypt/decrypt files using AES encryption. It can be used with PasswordSafe2.0 to decrypt backupfiles created with the Android App. Filecrypt is found in the Windows section