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Connections are ordered in folders, and saved to disk in an encrypted file.
The encryption key is the Windows user GUID.

This means that connections cannot be copied.
The way to do this is to use the Backup/Restore function descriped later
in this document.

In the bottom section, is the Quick connect.
This can be used to connect to a server in desktop mode (descriped later)
Just enter a servername or IP and press the arrow.

From the File menu:

Export alle connections in cleartext. And import.

Backup / Restore is descriped later in this document.

Dock to taskbar either Lefter or right bottm screen (primary screen)

Close the app.

When selecting New in the main menu or the Folder context menu,
the Settings will open (also when selecting edit from the context menu).

Select wich folder to ad connection to.
Enter Name, Server name, Domain etc.

In the Display section, choose the Color depth
and resolution.

Choices for resolution are all Your videocards supported resolutions
and Desktop and Fullscreen modes. Choice of resolution is mandatory.

Choose Custom mode to select the exact dimensions of the window. (use the Measure button for this)

If you are getting an error saving settings, it may be because you have not chosen a resolution.

Use Local devices an resources like Clipboard, Disk Drives or Printers on the remote server.
Keyboard hook to select if the Windows Key activates on local computer or remote.

with Use all monitors selected all screens are used for remote connection.

Select Use Gateway and enter hostname to use a gateway for connection
On the context menu select Edit to change connection settings.

Open Fullscreen, opens the connection on the Primary screen in, You guessed it, Fullscreen.

Open Desktop opens the connection on the selected screen in Desktop mode

Desktop mode is fullscreen, but with the local taskbar visible.

If the window does not show on the screen, try resetting the position.
This is done in settings.

Export, exports the selected connection in cleartext.

To backup all connections, choose a filename and a password for encrypting the file.

This is also where to restore backups.